About Me

Texas Tech University

I am an enthusiastic public relations professional with years of experience dating all the way back to my days at Texas Tech University’s School of Mass Communications. Since those days, I’ve acquired a vast array of experience in education, professional sports, nonprofit, corporate, agency work, restaurants, print media and the web in Dallas, Texas.

Professionally, I am interested in strategic social media, media relations, external communications and all things digital. Lucky for me, I just started working as an account executive for a digital media agency – QuickSilver Interactive Group!

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

I am a career changer. Even though I started my career in PR and marketing, I spent most of my professional career as a high school English teacher before losing my job to budget cuts. That unexpected curve ball was the catalyst for a complete 180 in my professional life and I proceeded to start all over again and pursue my dream of working in PR. That meant going back to school, waiting tables, taking on internships and any odd job I could find to pay the bills and generally living like a 22 year old college kid all over again. The difference was that I was not 22 and I had a husband, a mortgage and a baby on the way. How did I get through all of this? I followed the advice of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge – “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” But most importantly, I worked hard and believed in myself.

UNT Mayborn School of Journalism

Since starting all of this, I have been able to represent and work with some outstanding brands in travel, tourism and consumer lifestyle products as well as politics and the nonprofit sector. I also served as the teaching assistant for Samra Bufkins, APR, at UNT’s Mayborn School of Journalism in Denton (and who also happens to be the Ethics Chairperson for PRSA Dallas) where I help her with her senior-level PR communications and social media classes.

But I’m not all work and no play. In my “free” time, I am into reading, running, blogging, photography and Pinterest-inspired DIY home projects. I also love cooking, traveling, shoe shopping and spending time with my family.


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